The Situation

This charity recognises that their Business Continuity Plans require regular review. The Society’s current Business Continuity Plans had been produced five years earlier. There had been a number of significant developments in this period including the formation of a new directorate and a major change in their IT service provision.

The Challenge

To prepare and facilitate an exercise assess robustness of the Society’s Business Continuity Plans. A scenario should be devised that would involve all the Society’s Directorates

The Solution

  1. Reviewed the Society’s Business Continuity Plans against the British Standard for Business Continuity.
  2. Reviewed the Society’s new IT Disaster Recovery Plan.
  3. Developed and facilitated an exercise to test the revised Business Continuity Plans.

The Results

Client feedback on workshop: “Thanks, there was very positive feedback. The exercise was well structured, everyone was fully engaged and it highlighted a number of areas we need to address. Plus it was an enjoyable day, thanks for all your support.”

Oona Gaffney, Facilities Manager