JEC has extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Current and past clients are listed below.

Recent Clients

We have recently completed assignments for the following organisations:


Readiness for ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard

Access Systems provide cloud-based payment and cash management solutions as a software-as-a-service model with subscription based pricing. JEC:

  • Carried out a Business Impact Analysis with the managers of the key departments to identify the key risks and mission critical activities of the company.
  • Drafted a Business Continuity strategy, policy, Incident Management Plan and Business Continuity and Recovery plan in line with the ISO 22301 standard.
  • Attended the assessments to provide support and assistance to Access System’s Business Continuity coordinator.


Infrastructure Review

JEC Professional Services examined Adactus Housing Group’s IT and communications infrastructure to inform Adactus Group’s IT Strategy which was under review. JEC’s review encompassed the Group’s data storage, processing, security and back-up, data and voice communication networks. 

"I needed an objective, expert view on the direction of development of our IT service. JEC provided exactly that, giving me, the other directors and Board added confidence in our IT Strategy."

Chris Smith, Operations Director



Adviza is a large and innovative charity helping  young people and adults to progress in learning and work. JEC conducted strategic options appraisals of its IT and IP telephony services, including a staff survey of IT and telephony services. JEC made recommendations on whether there were:

strategic alternatives to Adviza’s current IT services, including Cloud based services;

strategic alternatives to Adviza’s current IP telephony services;

strategic advantages in combining Adviza’s mobile telephony and data services with its IP telephony services.

JEC completed a recent project for Adviza looking at our IT and telephony set-up and recommending potential cost-savings and improvements. The project was completed in a timely and professional manner and the final report met our expectations. I would recommend JEC to others. 

David Cook, Head of Support 



Development of ICT Strategy

Working with Allerdale's ICT team JEC developed a new ICT Strategy which defined how ICT would support the Council in the future, breaking down the requirements into a series of manageable projects.

Subsequently JEC was commissioned to produce a professionally designed, illustrated document of the finalised strategy for publishing on Allerdale’s web site and for internal electronic distribution.

Case study: Formulating an ICT strategy




Business Continuity - Business Impact Analysis

Ashmore is a provider of investment management services, We conducted a Business Impact Analysis and reviewed the Business Continuity plans of the company.


International Bank

Agile Working Business Case

Working closely with the clients project team, a team of JEC consultants developed  a comprehensive robust business case analysing feasible options for adopting Agile Working and identify a recommended option. In constructing the business case we took a company-wide view to prioritise areas where Agile Working could best increase effectiveness and meet the strategic aims of the organisation. The business case included recommendations on work settings, desk sharing ratios, and meeting room to desk ratios. The business case was tempered with a realistic assessment of the readiness of business units for adopting new ways of working.




IT Organisational Design

The London Borough of Camden was proposing to restructure its ICT function to deliver a modern high quality ICT service.  We constructed a robust set of job families and job profiles to underpin the proposed structure. We were asked to carry out technical interviews of the candidates for the new posts.

Case study: Development of Job Families for IT roles



Agile Working Business Case

Derbyshire Community Health Service Foundation Trust (DCHS) is taking a lead role in developing new models of integrated care for the population of Derbyshire. It recognised that Agile Working principles are necessary to ensure that its 4500 employees are able to work in new and different ways to support this agenda. JEC assessed the current adoption of new ways of working and carried out a full options appraisal of opportunities and savings from the further adoption for Agile Working. JEC also made recommendations concerning working environments, training in new ways of working, and document sharing practices. 

John was able, at very short notice, to assist us in writing and consolidating our agile working business case. His ability to quickly understand our complex environment and translate our thoughts into actionable activities was outstanding. I am happy to recommend his work.

Jim Austin, Associate Director Of Transformation

at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust



Research into Agile Working, Personality and Performance 

We managed a research project commissioned the Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) to research the links between Agile Working styles, personality and performance to see if different people are more suited to different workstyles and if organisations should use different ways of working to become more productive. 584 employees and managers from Birmingham City Council, DWF, the?Department for Work and Pensions, Ministry of Justice NHS and Santander participated in the survey.

The project included a literature search, the development of a sophisticated survey tool and the design of questionnaires of employees’ and their managers’ views on workstyles and performance. We carried out an extensive analysis of the results and wrote the report of the findings and correlations, which has been published by enei. 


Development of specifications of requirements for EDRMS procurement

We provided expert consultancy support to develop two market-ready specifications of requirements for the procurement of an Electronic Document Management and Records System (EDRMS) and an aligned, but separate, procurement of a document scanning service for this social housing organisation. We were consequently invited to prepare for and attended the supplier presentations developing scoring sheets with evaluation criteria for each supplier presentation.

Case Study: Procurement of EDRMS



New Ways of Working and IT Review

This environmental charity wished to adopt new ways of working to enable its staff to be more effective in their day-to-day activities and project work. We undertook an extensive review of the charity’s current ways of working and use of IT involving the design and analysis of a comprehensive staff survey and facilitating an interactive workshop. We conducted an in-depth analysis of GAP’s IT capability and service including a procurement review of the incumbent IT supplier to determine effectiveness and recommend improvements. We advised on how IT could support new ways of working and also provided guidance on required cultural changes and modifications to the physical environment of the charity’s offices.

Case Study: Ways of Working and IT Review



Due Diligence of IT systems

LBH has embarked on the implementation of its ICT strategy, which seeks to adopt customer-driven business design and data exploitation with the harmonisation of all of LBH’s data. We carried out due diligence the IT systems and software used by Hounslow Homes to identify the user of the systems, the interfaces between the systems and system functionality improvements. We made recommendations relating to user training and support and the benefits and risks of upgrading key systems.



IT Review

JEC Professional Services was commissioned to undertake a review of the charity's current provision and use of IT at Interlink’s London office and to make recommendations on whether these should be changed or updated. JEC reviewed Interlinks use of its IT systems, carried out options appraisals of Interlink’s current CRM system and IT service provision. JEC alsoconducted a skills audit to identify the training required so that staff could be trained to carry out their job roles more effectively.

John facilitated a thorough review of the IT function at the Interlink Foundation. He skilfully pulled together the intelligence within our team and layered it with his own expertise. His work provided the platform for a complete overhaul of our IT strategy.

Chaya Spitz, Chief Executive at The Interlink Foundation

Case study: IT review and skills audit


Business Continuity - Business Continuity Plan development

Kingfisher is Europe's leading international home improvement retail group that includes B&Q in the UK. We undertook a review of the Kingfisher’s current Business Continuity plans against the Business Continuity Management standard, and commercial best practice. We extensively revised the guidance documentation for Kingfisher’s international operating companies to devise and test their own Business Continuity Plans.

Case study: The Review and Enhancemnent of Business Continuity Plans


Business Continuity Audit

We examined  the Business Continuity plans as part of the County’s disaster recovery facilities following the failure of the Storage Area Network. We reviewed the Council’s current business continuity documentation, and interviewed a number of key staff with Business Continuity responsibilities. We made observations and recommendations on areas to be addressed based on best practice standards.

"It was really refreshing to work with a consultant who understands the challenges and could articulate some useful and practical suggestions for improvement- plus he offered useful advice even after the assignment had completed. I can fully recommend John's services, and would be happy to provide a formal reference on request"

Julie Goddard, Business Continuity Manager 



Development of Business Continuity Plans and Exercise

Lyreco is a worldwide distributor of workplace products and operates in 27 countries and 5 continents. Lyreco employs over 1,500 staff in the UK and Ireland with offices in Dublin, and Airdrie and a head office in Telford. Lyreco recognised the importance of having a well-written Business Continuity Plan tailored to its business needs.  

JEC developed Lyreco’s Business Continuity Management System comprising:

  • Comprehensive Business Impact Analysis report 
  • Documented Business Continuity Strategy 
  • Business Continuity Policy 
  • Comprehensive Incident Management Plan 
  • Business Continuity Plans for each service unit 

JEC also devised and facilitated an exercise to test the Incident Management Plan and Business Continuity Plans.

"At Lyreco, we have recently completed the development of a Business Continuity Plan with the help of John Eary. His professionalism, efficiency and knowledge ensured the project was completed on plan and with buy-in from the whole management team. I would recommend John to other organisations looking for similar solutions".


Nick Dacey, Operations Director



Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Gap Analysis 

Magdalene provides comprehensive, independent solutions which address the individual needs of their customers throughout the telecommunications industry. 

Magdalene recognised the importance of effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. The company wanted to develop more robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans tailored to its business needs that will give assurance to its customers and contribute to its preparedness. 

JEC conducted a gap analysis workshop of Magdalene’s current Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery arrangements and made recommendations for resolution of issues identified and areas that required further investigation.  


Business Continuity Exercise - Design and Facilitation

We prepared and facilitated an exercise to assess the robustness of the Society’s Business Continuity Plans.

“Thanks. there was very positive feedback. The exercise was well structured; everyone was full engaged and it highlighted a number of areas we need to address. Plus it was an enjoyable day, thanks for all your support.”

Oona Gaffney, Facilities Manager

Case Study: Developing and Facilitating a Business Continuity Exercise




Ways of Working review

Potential Plus UK is an independent charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and background. The charity believed there was potential to be more effective and cost effective through adopting new ways of working as well as reducing travel time and associated expenditure. 

JEC interviewed Potential Plus UK staff and associates and key service providers.  Staff, associates, and volunteers were surveyed about their current ways of working and what technology they need to perform their role.  Potential Plus UK’s current ways of working were compared against a best practice model of Agile Working. 

JEC’s report included:


  • A critique of current ways of working and an assessment of Potential Plus UK’s Agile Working Readiness;
  • Proposals on new ways of working and associated benefits;
  • The IT and telephony systems required to support the new ways of working with high level costings;
  • Changes in the use of premises;
  • Staffing and policy implications.


John’s approach was professional, knowledgeable and experienced in areas such as agile working and technology. He listened to our needs and about the constraints we operate under. He sought the views of stakeholders and made recommendations which were practical, fairly simple to implement and which were relevant to all those involved with us.

Denise Yates, Chief Executive 

English Police Force

Agile Working Readiness and Strategy


A team of JEC consultants developed an Agile Working readiness assessment of the Force. We developed a strategy for Agile Working based on an integrated approach involving the people, property and technology and information management functions, and the adoption of a shared set of principles and a common roadmap. We carried out extensive consultations through interviews with key managers, focus groups, workshops with senior leadership team and survey of uniformed and staff employees. 



IT Organisational Design

We reviewed the ICT capability and resources of ICT staff for a forthcoming merger between the County Council and the local Health Board and proposed a new organisational structure to improve ICT provision through greater use of shared resources.



IT Review

Quantum Profile Systems Ltd (QPSL) is an ambitious manufacturing company.  It requested JEC to provide an independent and informed review of its current use of IT and realistic advice on how its systems could be further exploited and contribute to continuous improvement. JEC reviewed QPL’s existing IT provision including: Infrastructure (desktop and server); Key line of business systems (ERP, SharePoint, EDMS/Collaboration, Finance); requirements for flexible and remote working; and IT Policies and Procedures.



Records Management Strategy 

Radian Group wished to develop and implement an organisation wide Records Management Strategy covering both paper and electronic records including those created through the use of social media. We conducted a ‘light touch’ gap analysis assessment of Radian Group’s practices in records management against ISO 15489. We analysed the strategic options for the management of records across Radian Group. We devised a Group-wide records management policy, to include both paper and electronic records, which has been formally adopted by Radian Group. 

Case Study: Development of a Records Management Strategy


Project Planning

We developed a comprehensive Project Initiation Document (PID) and project plan for a project to develop a streamlined approach to customer access across this social housing organisation. was setting up . In developing the PID we identified the tasks and membership of the workstreams; carried out stakeholder analysis and prepared a communications plan.

"Thanks very much for your support in getting us started."

Alison Gregory, Customer Access Manager


Data Centre Review

We provided an independent expert to attend the sites and survey the facility condition and resilience of the Council’s two main data centres. We commented on the adequacy of existing data centre provision and whether they were ‘Fit for Purpose’. We identified key risks in relying on current provision and the enhancement or replacement of the data centres to the continued provision of reliable IT services. 

JEC was subsequently commissioned to conduct an independent assessment of the potential of a new Data Centre. 

"JEC undertook a data centre review, delivering a professional detailed report as requested on time and within budget."

Mark Jones, ICT Interim Service Delivery Manager




Learning Management System evaluation

We proposed a vision for a training management system based on emerging trends in learning management and best practice and prepared a consolidated requirements specification.

Case Study: Defining a Vision and Requirements of a Learning Management System


Business Continuity - Audit of Plans and Crisis Management exercise design and facilitation

We  reviewed the Business Continuity Plans and Business Continuity Management of this utility company against ISO standards and commercial best practice. Subsequently we were asked to develop and test their crisis management strategy through the development and facilitation of an exercise.

Case Study: Audit of Business Continuity Plan and  Facilitation of a Incident Management exercise


Project Management of EDRMS implementation

We managed the implementation of EDRMS Electronic Document Management and Records System (EDRMS) for Accounts Payable, HR and Children’s Social Care and managed a wide range of activities including:

  • Requirements specification;
  • Data cleansing and migration;
  • Development and testing;
  • Integration with line of business systems e.g. Frameworki;
  • User training;
  • Implementation and roll out.

Case Study: Implementing an Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS)


Project Management of Smart Working project

We initially managed the ICT aspects of the Council’s Smart Working project, which is part of the Council’s Transformation programme. We identified synergies between people, property and technology workstreams and through their consolidation developed a more effective programme with more timely outcomes.  Working closely with the Council’s IT service provider, We identified a number of Smart Working initiatives and obtained some quick wins in conferencing and Wi-Fi access. The adoption of Smart Working has enabled the Council to gain additional income from the release of surplus property.

Case study: Managing a Smart Working programme

Past Clients

John Eary, Director of JEC Professional Services Ltd has assisted:

Central Government and Government Agencies

British Library
Civil Aviation Authority 
Emergency Planning College
European Union
Government Computer Bureau, Botswana
House of Commons 
Health and Safety Executive
Isle of Wight Business Link
Jersey Prison
Museums Libraries and Archive service 
National Audit Office 
Office for Fair Trading
States of Jersey
United Nations

Charities and Associations

Association of Accountancy Technicians
Crossroads for Carers
Institute of Chartered Accountants
MS Society
National Health Builders Confederation

Education - Higher

Bury College
Cranfield University
Durham University Business School
Dumfries & Galloway College
Glasgow Caledonian University 
Heriot Watt University 
London Guildhall University
Middlesex University
Newcastle College
North West Learning Grid
South Bank University
University of Glasgow
University of Warwick 
University of Edinburgh
University of Huddersfield
University of York

Education - Schools

Cherwell School
Greenwood Dale School
Keynsham School
Windermere Trust

Financial and Legal

Nationwide Building Society
United Friendly Assurance
Woolwich Building Society


Bootle & Litherland PCT
Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust
HPSS/PCIS Northern Ireland
Marple Cottage General Practice 
NHS Training Authority 
Oxleas NHS
Portsmouth Hospitals Trust
Salford PCT
South London and Maudlsey NHS Trust


Ascham Homes
Gloucester City Homes
Hackney Homes 
Helena Partnerships 
Homes for Havering
Hounslow Homes
Lewisham Homes 
New Fylde Housing
Nottingham City Homes
People 1st Slough
Raglan Housing Association
St Georges Housing Trust
Salix Homes
Shropshire Housing Group
The Gateshead Housing Company
Trafford Housing Trust
Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
Wolverhampton Homes
Wirral Partnership Homes

IT and Telecoms

IBM Thailand
Sun Microsystems

Local Government

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Bristol City Council
Cheshire County Council
Chorley Borough Council
Dudley TEC
Dumfries & Galloway Council
Eastleigh District Council 
Ellesmere Port & Neston Council
Elmbridge Borough Council
Hertsmere District Council 
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council
London Borough of Camden 
Local Government Management Board
London Borough of Sutton
Manchester City Council
London Borough Newham 
North Herts District Council 
Nottingham County Council
 Nottingham City Council
Powys County Council and Powys Local Health Board
Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
Sevenoaks District Council 
Sheffield City Council
Stoke City Council
Surrey County Council 
Warrington Metropolitan Borough Council
Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council
Wycombe District Council


Jaguar Cars
Scottish Milk


Hants Police
North Wales Police
Scottish Police College 
South Wales Police
Surrey Constabulary
Warwickshire Constabulary

Retail and Distribution

Bertrams Books
House of Fraser
Lookers Ltd

Transport and Utilities

London Underground
Lusis/Welsh Water
Manchester Airport
Wales and West Utilities