We recognise every organisation is different, with unique requirements, objectives, and culture. 

We are able to offer a powerful combination of analytical, technical, and people skills together with knowledge of enabling technologies, workspace planning and change management. This enables us to cover all aspects of implementing new ways of working. 

Services offered

  • Business Case development with strategic Options Appraisal to evaluate the business benefits of new ways of working and identify the best ways of achieving them.
  • Readiness Assessments including sophisticated surveys of staff and management to identify current ways of working and attitudes and opportunities for Agile Working.
  • Strategy formulation to devise a roadmap for the successful implementation of new ways of working.
  • Implementation Assistance including programme and project management and specialist support.
  • Cultural Change programmes including communications strategies, workshop facilitation and training to ensure managers and staff are on board.
  • Advice on Digital Ways of Working ensuring appropriate collaborative and communications technologies are identified and used effectively.
  • Devising Workspace strategies to ensure the right environments are provided for a range of contemplative and collaborative working activities.
  • Agile Working Rescue Service providing independent and informed audits of faltering Agile Working initiatives to analyse the challenging areas and determine the most appropriate remedies.
  • Assistance with adopting the PAS 3000:2015 the code of practice for the implementation of smart working principles.
  • Devising policies and guidelines for new ways of working.
  • Acting as a Trusted Advisor providing practical advice that is thoroughly grounded in Best Practice and experience.

 JEC conducted a ways of working and IT review for GAP Case Study:Ways of Working and IT Review

 JEC managed a Smart Working programme for Wokingham Borough Council.Case Study: Managing a Smart Working programme

JEC carried out a full Business Case and Strategic review for Wycombe District Council Case Study: Business Case and Strategy for new ways of working

JEC conducted a major research project for enei looking at Agile Working, Personality and Performance: Agile Working Personality and Performance

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