Training and Workshop Facilitation for Agile Working

JEC offers a series of interactive workshops focussed on different sectors of the workforce 

Workshop 1. Overview of Agile Working for Senior Managers

  • The Agile Organisation - the need to create an agile workforce 
  • Concepts - how Agile Working is different from other forms of AW
  • The 4 components of Agile Working
  • Business benefit of Agile Working
  • Agile Working drivers
  • Work activities and workstyles
  • Allocation of workspace and technology
  • Future trends

Workshop 2. Overcoming Agile Working issues for Operational Managers

  • How to allocate staff to workstyles 
  • Agile Working management styles 
  • Personality profiles and performance 
  • Managing remote and office teams together 
  • Managing the transition to Agile Working
  • Using technology as a management tool
  • Supporting staff
  • Setting targets/managing by results/objectives
  • Remaining compliant

Workshop 3. Implementing Agile Working in organisations for Project Managers

  • Creating the Business Case
  • Establishing the organisation's Agile Working readiness
  • The holistic approach
  • Role of technology
  • Additional security threats of Agile Working
  • Cost effective work settings- co-working option
  • Likley barriers
  • Engagement and communication 
  • The 4Ts
  • Top 10 tips
  • Selecting and evaluating pilot trials
  • Case studies
  • Sustaining Agile Working

Workshop 4.What Agile Working means for employees 

  • Benefits for employees
  • Work-life integration and workwrapping 
  • Responsibilities of Agile Workers
  • Work activities and workstyles
  • Digital ways of working 
  • Handling the transition 
  • Working at home
  • Working in shared workspaces and workspace etiquette 
  • Staying in touch 
  • Staying motivated 
  • Dealing with demands on your time
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